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May 8th, 2008 · 95 Comments · Uncategorized

Enough about people watching (jk-zors!!). But seriously. How about some reverse people watching for a change. It just wrought havoc on me!

IE, post eating-something-with-lots-of-spices, I am nervous that I have lots of spices up in my grills. That makes the following awkward things happen, in the following order:

1. Enter 61C.

2. Talk to JohnPaulcoffeeman, to hand him a copy of thirty-four kites (<– shameless plug I’M SORRY) but in post-dining perfection. Speak tight-lipped, lips puckered around the edges of teeth a bit. Smile quickly, look down while smiling, because every time you reveal a tooth, you open yourself up to another mouth atrocity possibility, that spice in that tooth, that socio-equivalent to TP on your shoe.

3. End conversation AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

3a. Possibly end conversation before the conversation was actually done. Do not know.

4. Go home.

4a. Check teeth.

4b. Discover nothing there.

5. Get depressed.

*sigh* the travesties of  reversies…

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