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What’s up SF! You’re totally not interesting. …and I’m lazy.

July 9th, 2008 · 123 Comments · Uncategorized

To my masses of fans, I’m sorry. I feel terrible about how I’ve let you down lately. It’s just that [refer to title of post]. But seriously! SF is supposed to be home to freaks and geeks galore, astounding the masses with their hippy selves, right? And yet… everyone’s been so…  normal.

There was a guy on the train this morning wearing a hat and using a cane? He asked for a seat? There’s a guy at work who uses the putting green behind me and makes the same joke about rim-jobs every day?

Here’s my real beef: everyone here is just. too. nice. And normal. Maybe if I were in L.A. it would be different. *crosses fingers*

From here on out, though, I’ll be sure to pay special attention to anything I can possibly see as abnormal or surprising or worthy of interestingnesses.

Till then!

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